Gaak project

A musical group from Korea

Gaak is a musical group that has artistry and popular appeal merge with Korean traditional musical elements, beauty of space, excitement, and comfort.
The name, Gaak, is based on Chinese characters that mean Song for Ga and Music for Ak.
The project is called so because it suggests a spectrum by playing various instruments and plan to do varied musical experiments.
Gaak shows different musical character than traditional or modern sense because the members do experiments in various way.

There are five members in our group:
Dong-seok Park who leads the group as composer, pianist and guitarist, Su-jin Seo on Ajaeng(a seven-stringed instrument), Dong-jun Lee on Daegeum, Bo-gwon Jung as Pansori singer(Korean traditional folk music), and Han-sam Kim as percussionist.

Group history
In a modern society where popoular music is fully supported, the group was established in 2017 with young musicians who share their worries about walking along the path of the traditional musical instruments.
2017 Jeonju Int’l SORI Festival Performance
2018 Selection of REDCON for production support projects
2018 Jeonju Int’l SORI Festival Performance