Asia Network & Noiseasia

Asia Network:

AsiaNetwork was founded in 1997 focussing on the organisation of tours and concerts in Europe and Asia. Founder Constanze Schliebs was raised by a mother who worked as a piano teacher and organ player in church and very soon developped a deep interest in music and learned to play different instruments. During her studies she came to China to study Chinese Opera.

The agency works mainly for artists from Jazz and worldmusic and represents some of the finest and interesting musicians from Europe, Asia and America. Apart from organizing tours in many countries, the agency also did the programmation and curated festivals like the BlueNites at the tRÄNENPALAST, one of the formerly most outstanding clubs in Berlin with a mixed and varied programme. Furthermore the agency promoted concerts at the famous Berlin Passionskirche (church of Passion), with the likes of Anouar Brahem, Esbjörn Svensson, Nils Landgren, Mari Boine, etc.. AsiaNetwork acted as local promoter of the French festival Jazzd´or Strasbourg-Berlin.

Furthermore AsiaNetwork is doing the management for artists like Aki Takase or Pablo Ziegler (legendary pianist of the famous Astor Piazzolla Quintet) and is organising everything around performances, special projects or CD releases. To have the JIM Festival with an exchange of Chinese and German musicians is some kind of Project by heart and with the deep hope to bring Chinese musicians over to Germany and have the exchange also for the German audience.

Noise Asia:

Noise Asia Ltd. is an independent record company based in Hong Kong, with its interest focuses on the publishing, distribution and promotion of all kinds of independent music around the world. Li Chin Sung, a music lover and an artist himself, established the company in October 1997. Prior to Noise Asia, Li Chin Sung co-founded Sound Factory with Henry Kwok in 1989, a company engaged in import and export of international independent/experimental music labels; also dedicated itself in releasing and promoting local independent music from Hong Kong underground music scene. In 1997, Li Chin Sung established Noise Asia Limited with several subsidiaries including Noise Asia Records, Noise Asia Publishing, Sound Factory Production, Dicksonia Audio, and Altmusic Association. In addition, numerous music websites have been set up accordingly.

Since its formation, Noise Asia has been devoting itself to discover and support the independent music around the world including Mainland China. On one hand, it pays close attention to the development of independent music in Mainland China, releasing album for artists with potential; on the other hand, it further expands its scope to release albums for both Asian and Western artists. Artists that have released albums under the label include the famous British-influenced rock band, AMK; electronic groups Multiplex, Juno, Lorn; experimental artists Nelson Hiu, Peter Stuart (Box); folk and guitarists Czekey Chan, Stephen Chau; Guangzhou rock artist Wang Lei; Beijing rock band NO; Beijing rock artists Dili, Wang Yong, Wang Fan etc.

Artists from the release of Noise Asia come from different parts of the world. Not only does the label inherit all the copyrights from Sound Factory, but also unceasingly broadening its space in music production and publishing. For example, releasing a duo album by the jazz artist Jon Rose and koto artist Miya Masaoka; and a compilation with the best selection of Pascal Comelade. In the meantime, Noise Asia concentrates on releasing Avant Garde, Experimental, Extreme Noise; and set up a series especially for these types of music. At present, it has released albums by Otomo Yoshihide, the renowned Japanese experimental music artist; Mazk, the new band of the famous noise artist Masami Akita; Sachiko M, the female experimental music artist; Haino Keiji and Tatsuya Yoshida to name a few. Dicksonia Audio, on the other side, is a series releasing all the related music of Li Chin Sung including DJ Dee, PNF, Li Chin Sung Trio, and Li Chin Sung.

In addition to the above, Noise Asia releases other kinds of music. Among which is the soundtrack series including the award-winning Hong Kong film “Made In Hong Kong”, “Summer Snow”, “Hu Du Men”, and “The Blue Kite” which won an award in The Tokyo Film Festival. In 1999, Noise Asia participated in the music production of “Oomolangma Song & Dance Opera”, a big opera produced by The Cultural Department of China to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Tibet. While working on the project, it visited Lhasa of Tibet to make close contact and gather materials of local folk music, making preparation for the future discovery and release of Chinese Folk Music. At the same time, Noise Asia is also a show organizer presenting music activity in Greater China from time to time, sparing no effort in promoting the interchange between local and foreign music. Moreover, Noise Asia had participated several times in Beijing International Jazz Festival, Berlin Independent Film Festival, China Independent Film Festival in Macau, as well as other activity organized by different arts and culture organization.

Over the years, Noise Asia has been supporting the music promoter and media in Mainland China through different ways maintaining a long-term good relationship. It has been continuously participating in the local music creation activity and has accumulated quite an abundant experience in terms of music publishing, concert organizing, and event production. Furthermore, Noise Asia holds a good connection with artists, record companies and artist management companies throughout Asia, Japan, Europe and United States, which provide a stable channel for music production, publishing, as well as distribution. As an independent music label based in Hong Kong, Noise Asia considers Greater China as its starting point, devoting every effort to encourage and promote the development of Chinese music.


info: info@jim-festival.com