Introduction of JIM Festival 2018

Jim Festival goes future

The JIM-Festival will take place this year from 15-18 November in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Ruijin.

After we already had concerts and workshops in these cities, for this year there will be a new cooperation with RuiJin, and we are positive to have the first jazz shows at all over there!

As our last year´s focus lay on electronic music, this year will be focusing on progressive rock/ jazz/ and microtonality. Microtonality is having it´s origin in Asian and Arabian music, there is not such distinction between half tones and full tones as in western music, so listeners should be used to some of the scales being played. Hans Luedemann, a German Pianist will lead us through this melodic adventure!!

Progressive Rock was a music direction coming from the 70ies European Rockbands and marked a mixture of Rock music and Jazz. At this time, music was seen as something more universal, that didn´t need to be devided into different genres. We have one of the most outstanding musicians from this era, Richard Pinhas, who will perform together with DJ Dee and VJ Milosh. And as a young band in this tradition,we invited C.A.R. To bring the 70ies to new dimensions.

From Italy and USA, Pericopes+1 will delight all friends of fresh and vivid life shows! As always there will be workshops and lectures with the musicians to learn about their musical approach!