Milosh Luczynski

Paris based visual, intermedia, A/V, light artist

Creates monumental multimedia installations, live media performances, immersive kinetic spaces often filled or superposed with animated text lines; on the border of visual music and spatial augmented reality. His multilayered works explores fundamental questions related to time and space, exploring the boundaries of perception.

Pioneer of Vjing in Europe in mid 90′, he worked alongside electronic musicians such as Richard Pinhas, Laurent Garnier, Patrick Vidal « new music » composers (Dickson Dee aka Li Chin Sung, Krzysztof Knittel, Wilfried Wendling, Marek Choloniewski…) writers, poets (Bas Bottcher, Adam Wiedemann, Vincent Ravalec, Scott Thurston…) and media artists such as Daïto Manabe. Participated in many festivals (Paris, Beijing, Berlin, London, Moscow…) he has performed and exposed his works world wide (Palais de Tokyo, Kunsthause Baselland, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, National Gallery Singapore).

Studied cultural anthropology at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Pl (1992-94) , Industrial Design / Space & Colour Design at the Art Academy in Krakow, Pl (1994-98) & Communication at the School of Art in Toulouse, FR (1998-99)